Saturday, October 17, 2009

A euphimistic tale of Rugby, blood, gore, flat tires and the stormy waters of cyber space

I never cease to be amazed at the phone calls: “My PC is simply not running anymore. It just sits there.”  On arrival, I glance at the tray (the tiny icons near the clock on the lower right) to discover the customer running Skype, a camera, a TV card, Yahoo, MSN & AOL instant messenger, often with video on more than one of the IM installations. There will be three or more browser windows open, always with YouTube and either a CD playing or an online radio station. The browsers seem to never have less than three tabs each opened; today each page opened stays busy with constantly changing ad content. Oh, that background: the 32million color 600 mega pixel shot of a rugby save. There’s the computer owner, my customer, at the bottom of a mud pit covered in muck, slime, grime, blood, uprooted grass and angry opponents. That picture is a must-have, even if it does consume precious resources to look good.

Five minutes later, the property page of  MY COMPUTER finally populates to reveal Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3 on a Pentium 4 dual core with 2.86 Gig with 800mhz bus speed  and 512 meg of RAM.  You might as well drive a sports car on flat tires (or play that rugby match in bare feet).

PCLifeRaft is fully capable of purging your PC of viruses, spyware, malware and every flavor of services which do not need to run. But without RAM, you will never fill your sails on the high sea of cyber surfing and enjoy true performance.  Most every Pentium 4 dual core or newer PC will accept 2 to 4 gig of ram. Wait, let me take that back, I didn’t mean it. Here is what I meant to say: “most every Pentium 4 dual core or newer PC will DEMAND 2 to 4 gig or ram.”  If you do not have it installed; you will visit with me and say: “My PC is simply not running anymore. It just sits there.”  As I have detailed above. we never cease to see the biggest and best computer; cheaped out on the single most critical component; the supercharger of computing: RAM. Today, you will spend more on tickets to a NASCAR race than you will on that RAM.

So ask us to expand your RAM. We will assist you in ordering all your PC will hold. When it arrives in a few days, we will swing by and have it installed in minutes. Often, it takes three times longer to drive over than it does to put this in. Grab a cup of coffee and it won’t be cold before we are gone. But that tiny investment will leave you smiling at maximum speed as you navigate the stormy waters of cyber space.

   --Jim Bowman

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